Thursday, April 23, 2015

No Spanish class

The Spanish class has been cancelled for tomorrow due to illness. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Week 10

Some Announcements:

* Story of the World students, this week we will cover chapters 40 and 41. Next week we will do chapter 42. For the last class, we will plan on having an Ancient Roman Feast where all the STOW students will be invited to bring a show and tell dish to share, based on ancient Rome. Plates, cups, bowls and cutlery will be provided. You are also invited to dress as an Ancient Roman soldier, citizen or leader. ~Thanks, Rhonda

* WE FOUND A NEW HOME FOR OUR CO-OP!!! With many thanks to Lisa Wilen, who has made phone calls and talked to people for us.  Here is a note from her: Hey Guys! I just wanted to let everyone know that Oak Lake Church at 3300 N. 1st Street (north of Adams before you get to Superior) will be Lincoln Friday Classes co-op new home for Fall 2015!!! They are very willing to have us there, have up to 8 classrooms, a kitchen, a nursery, a hang out area, a field outside to run and play, and will allow use of the sanctuary for a performance day if desired! Lots of great options there!
.....Stay tuned for more information about our co-op's future in a new building next fall!

* If your kids would like to bring or do something for show-and-tell during our Presentation Day May 8th, please contact Lorraine Haupt. Also, teachers who'd like to have their class show something they've learned, please let Lorraine know ASAP!

* Please be sure to join our FaceBook Group if you haven't yet, it's a nice forum for us to talk about things and share homeschooling stuff with each other. Our group is called: Lincoln Friday Classes, if you have trouble getting to it or joining out let Lisa or Kim know and they'll get you hooked up! :) 

*Thank you for all your help making our co-op the success that it is--our families are the best! :)

* Please continue to bring your boxtops to co-op, we use the funds that we make from this to keep our building rental fee as low as possible. We are also going to start collecting Best Choice and Our Family UPCs as well. If we collect 1,000 Best Choice or Our Family UPCs we can start receiving benefits from them, if every family collects a dozen or so it really adds up fast!!

* Please remember that we are peanut-free. ANOTHER ALLERGY HAS COME TO OUR ATTENTION, please do not bring anything with cashews to our co-op. Cashew butter was previously listed as safe alternative to peanut-butter, but it is no longer--you can still bring sun flower, almond, and soy butters for snack time.

* Also--please remember to bring toys and quiet table activities for your kids each week to use in the Mom's Room when they are not in a class.  

Hope you are all enjoying your school year, and your classes at Friday Classes Co-op! If you have any questions or concerns about things at our co-op, you can always talk to Lisa or Kimberlee or email us at

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Spanish Class

Spanish Class is going to be a little different tomorrow, and likely the rest of the semeser. The students will meet in the tumbling room for the first 20-30 minutes or so of class, and will then head outside for a bit before returning to the "spanish" classroom for the last few minutes of class. Rebekah would appreciate it if the parents of spanish students would come and help them get bundled up before the class treks outside, around 9:20. Also, please be sure to bring clothing that will be appropriate for the kiddos to venture outside with.