Thursday, March 5, 2015

Week 5

Some Announcements:

* Did you ever wonder why we celebrate St. Patrick's Day?  Or maybe you know the most facts about his life.  Or maybe you just like different opportunities to dress silly.  We will be celebrating all those things next week at Co-op!  On March 13th, come learn some facts about who St. Patrick was.   Dress with all the green you can find.  We will be offering some fun crafts to help you remember what you learned.  We will try taking a group picture of anyone who wants to participate at break time!

* We wanted to give a big shout out to all of our volunteers--this semester has been fabulous in the cleaning department, everyone has been so willing to pitch in and do their part and we're getting done with the clean up in record time almost every week! Thanks so much!!! If you haven't found a place to help with, please see Janice, Lisa, or Kimberlee and we'll show you where we need the most help. Also, tomorrow there will be a new check off sheet on the information table closest to the door of the mom's room, please check things off as you do them in the room you're helping with so that we don't double clean unnecessarily. :) 

* Please continue to bring your boxtops to co-op, we use the funds that we make from this to keep our building rental fee as low as possible. We are also going to start collecting Best Choice and Our Family UPCs as well. If we collect 1,000 Best Choice or Our Family UPCs we can start receiving benefits from them, if every family collects a dozen or so it really adds up fast!!

* Please remember that we are peanut-free. ANOTHER ALLERGY HAS COME TO OUR ATTENTION, please do not bring anything with cashews to our co-op. Cashew butter was previously listed as safe alternative to peanut-butter, but it is no longer--you can still bring sun flower, almond, and soy butters for snack time.

* Also--please remember to bring toys and quiet table activities for your kids each week to use in the Mom's Room when they are not in a class.  

Hope you are all enjoying your school year, and your classes at Friday Classes Co-op! If you have any questions or concerns about things at our co-op, you can always talk to Lisa or Kimberlee or email us at

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Spanish Class

Spanish Class is going to be a little different tomorrow, and likely the rest of the semeser. The students will meet in the tumbling room for the first 20-30 minutes or so of class, and will then head outside for a bit before returning to the "spanish" classroom for the last few minutes of class. Rebekah would appreciate it if the parents of spanish students would come and help them get bundled up before the class treks outside, around 9:20. Also, please be sure to bring clothing that will be appropriate for the kiddos to venture outside with.