Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Week 7

Hope you are all enjoying your school year, and your classes at Friday Classes Co-op! If you have any questions or concerns about things at our co-op, you can always talk to Lisa or Kimberlee or email us at

Some Announcements:

* This Friday is COSTUME DAY, you can dress in your favorite literary/tv/movie character costume, or any costume that you like--just please don't wear anything scary.

* Tomorrow,  Friday, October 24, we will be having a short meeting for the parents during recess.  We'd like to discuss how things are going this semester and any improvements that can be made for next semester.   

* A reminder for Soccer Students--there is no class this Friday,  October 24th, as was listed on the Class List prior to sign up day.

* Thank you so much to all our wonderful volunteers! We really appreciate all you do to help out at our co-op. :)

* Please continue to bring your boxtops to co-op, we use the funds that we make from this to keep our building rental fee as low as possible. We are also going to start collecting Best Choice and Our Family UPCs as well.

* Recess will be four square today.

* Please remember that we are peanut-free.