Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valentines Day Celebration!

* This week, February 12th, we will have a table for kids/families to bring Valentines Boxes and share Valentines with each other. You do not have to participate if you do not want to.  There are 94 children at our co-op this semester, with 39 families.  Because we have so many children this semester, perhaps just bring something for the family and we will distribute that way.  If you would like to bring more valentines, feel free to do so!  Each family will need to bring a bag or box with the family name posted somewhere on your box or bag.

* Remember we have many children with allergies to a variety of items, such as dairy, nuts, artificial colors and flavors, soy, etc.

Here are some ideas for non-food valentines!

* Please continue to bring your Box Tops to co-op, we use the funds to help pay for insurance, etc. Thanks goes out to Lisa Spilinek for helping with our box tops this semester!

If you haven't had a chance to sign up to volunteer, check out the "Volunteer Spot"!  The link is found on the right hand column on the website!

Hope you are all enjoying your school year, and your classes at Lincoln Friday Classes Co-op! 

If you have any questions or concerns about things at our co-op, you can always talk to Rhonda, Janet, Lorraine, or Julia or email us at

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

2016 Fun Theme Days!

Hello Lincoln Friday Classes Coop Families!

We have some fun theme days planned again this semester! Here’s the schedule of themes for each week! Looking forward to an exciting new semester!!

Jan 29-Winter Wonderland
Come dressed as a snow man, a snow ball, a snow flake-you name it, or wear your favorite boots, mittens, scarf or hat...pretend you’re an ice skater or jack frost… Come dressed to celebrate winter!

Feb 5-Hawaiian Luau
Wear your Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts & flower leys…this week let’s take a pretend vacation from winter weather to happy Hawaii!!

Feb 12-Valentine’s Day
This week we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day!  Bring valentines for your friends & something to collect yours in!  Wear your sweetest Valentine’s Day get up…we LOVE learning w/ YOU Valentine!

Feb 19-Pajama Day (the 2nd) ;)
We can’t have a semester without a PJ Day!  Come dressed in your coziest pajamas, coolest slippers or even a comfy robe!  Let’s laze while we learn! 

Feb 26-Mad Hatter Hat Day
We’re mad about hats!  Wear your favorite or your craziest hats, head ware or even hair! Don’t stop there…decorate your plainest hat to make it zany or, make one from scratch…thinking cap anyone? ;)

Mar 4-Fantastic Footwear
This week ‘march forth’ into your future, wearing your funniest most fantastic footwear, sporting your coolest kicks-even if your right foot is different than your left! Just have fun with your feet!!

Mar 11-St. Patrick's Day
Don’t forget to wear green!  Let your inner leprechaun out…today everyone is Irish…

Mar 18-Spring Jubilee
FINALLY! Let’s celebrate Spriiiing!! Wear bright & light colors…come dressed as a critter or a flower “waking up” for the season…think new life & fresh beginnings…

Apr 8-Backwards Day
What all can you wear backwards?  How opposite can you be? …mix & clash…& let’s see… how crazy will you be!

Apr 15-Throw Back Day
Dress up in your favorite era!  Poodle skirts, togas, disco pants?  Throw on your favorite vintage style & we’ll see you at school!

Apr 22-Groovy Earth Day
Get in the groove & wear your earthiest stuff!  Bring out your tie-die & bell bottoms, or come grounded in earth, dress up like a tree or be a recycling bin?… let’s celebrate Earth Day & wear something groovy!

Apr 29-Shining Stars

We’re all stars here at Friday Classes…dress up like your favorite character or be your own shining star bound for Hollywood!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Classes with Openings

We had a great Registration day on Friday!  Thank you everyone who helped make everything run smoothly.  We couldn't have done it without you!

We still have a few classes with openings!

Check it out~

Let me know if you are interested and I'll get you registered!  Prices below are for the whole semester lasting 12 weeks, unless otherwise stated.


9:30-9:55 AM

Cool Math: Graph Theory with Deanna Dreher - SEVERAL OPENINGS
*1/2 hour class*
K-5th grade
6-15 students

Have you ever wondered how maps get colored so that neighboring countries are all different colors? How does the mailman decide his mail route? And what on earth do these questions have to do with math? Come find out in the introduction to graph theory: an area of math that's accessible to elementary age kids but rarely covered in standard elementary curricula. Students should have a solid grasp on numbers, correspondence, evenness/oddness, and patterns, and should be able to draw relatively straight lines.

10:00-10:25 AM

Toddler Story Time with Michelle Gurnsey and other teachers - 4 OPENINGS
*25 minutes*
Ages 1-3 years
Supply cost: $5

This simple story time features two short books, songs, poems and finger plays. There will be 4 animal themed lessons repeating three times each during the semester to aid children in mastering the songs and finger plays. Children will be on the lap of their parent or sibling at least 13 years old. (Students whose mother is teaching during this hour can share a lap with another child.)

Musikgarten’s Cycle of Seasons with Carrie Hansen - SEVERAL OPENINGS
*25 minutes*
Ages 3-5
Min/Max: 6/15
Tuition: $60 (can make 3 payments if preferred)
Sibling Discount: 50% off tuition for additional siblings
Materials (optional): 2 CDs, 12 illustrated cards, cloth carrying bag $40

Celebrate nature throughout the year as we move through the cycle of seasons. Developed to build attention and self-expression, this class for preschoolers include singing, chanting, and rhyming; focused listening and echoing; musical games and exploring instruments; and creative movement and storytelling. These activities nurture your growing child’s ability to use language and participate in dramatic play within a musical context, setting the stage for the next steps in his or her musical development. Parents are not only welcome, but encouraged to attend and participate, too!
Carrie Hansen is a Nebraska-certified music educator, holding classes primarily at her studio, Itty Bitty Musik. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Education in vocal and instrumental music from Wayne State College in 1996. Additionally, she holds 18 graduate hours in early childhood education and administration from Concordia University, and is a licensed Musikgarten teacher. She has taught K-12 band, choir, and private lessons, and served as a judge for conference music contests. Later, she moved to San Jose, California, performing as an ensemble member and soloist with the San Jose State University Chorus, before returning to Nebraska. Carrie has worked with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers as a child care teacher and administrator at a nationally-accredited center; and with college-aged and adult learners. Her daughter and step-daughter keep her on her toes.

Beginning Tumbling with Jen Kaven - 2 OPENINGS
*1/2 hour class*
6 and up
6-8 students

In this class, students will learn and practice all of the basic tumbling moves. These include front and back rolls, cartwheels, headstands, handstands, round offs, and bridge ups.

9:30-10:25 AM

Creative Drama for Early Readers with Jackie Zimmerman - 4 OPENINGS
Suggested age: Mature 5 and up
Minimum 4, maximum 10

We will be exploring our creative character. Using various games that secretly unleash our improve skills, voice projection, movement and public presence. The use of favorite stories, as well as some familiar radio program scripts, will aide our cast of students as they create various stories to share. Each student will grow in confidence and self-awareness as we build upon our skills each week!

One Thousand Gifts Bible Study with Amy Hackett  - 3-4 OPENINGS
Max. 8 students (or so)
$15 (includes book)

Moms, join us for a reminder of how to see God, which is through gratitude. We’ll learn with Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts DVD curriculum. A participant’s guide will be necessary (I will order them as a group before class starts.) There are 5 sessions on the DVD so we will take at least 2 weeks per session and do the study guide questions on our own at home. I’ll supplement with other materials from her web site as applicable. The homework will not be overwhelming (at least not in length, but possibly in causing you to think) but will definitely be worth doing. Ann Voskamp’s writings have changed the way I think about God and I hope she will help you draw nearer to Him too. In addition, we will pray for and with each other.

Think! Team Building Challenge with Kris Troester - 5 OPENINGS
3rd grade and up 
Max 12 students
$20 fee

This class will bring out the builder in every participant while sharpening the ability to problem-solve and developing teamwork. Each week the students will receive building materials and project specifications without any instruction of HOW to do it. They will have to flex their brain muscles in order to complete the assigned constructions. 


Math for Munchkins with Rhonda Hayes - 1 OPENING
*1/2 hour class*
Pre-K – K
8-10 students

It’s time to have fun with us as we explore shapes, patterns, counting, number recognition, and writing, time using an analogue clock as well as digital, fractions, money and more.  We will use literature, and lots of hands on activities.

Lego Building Club with Jen Kaven - 4 OPENINGS
*1/2 hour class*
6-11 years
10-12 students

Come explore, build, and create using your imagination. New themes each week! We will have projects for both girls and boys!

10:30-11:25 AM

Five in a Row (FIAR) with Julie Husser - 5 OPENINGS                   
Ages 8 and up
Up to 8 students

This class is a learning adventure class using excellent children's books from various cultures all over the world to open the door to art, history, vocabulary, language arts, geography, writing and humanities. Because of the format of Friday Classes, we will do one book each week, along with activities to learn and enhance knowledge of literary devices, map skills, vocabulary, and more. This class is suitable for a wide range of ages with more structured work required from older students.

Beginning Ballet with Jessica Ward and Jackie Zimmerman - 3 OPENINGS
Ages 6-12
10 min / 15 max

Beginning ballet focuses on learning basic ballet positions, steps, and terminology. We will be learning correct body placement and the fundamentals of ballet to develop personal strength, flexibility and balance. In this class, we will also develop basic musicality, capacity to follow verbal instruction, and memorize combinations.

For dance classes, students should wear non-restricting clothing where they can really move and stretch, as well as appropriate shoes such as ballet or jazz shoes, something that is flexible and protects the foot, but not rigid like tennis shoes. Dance wear such as leotard, tights or other "warm up" wear are ok, but optional. For girls, please have hair up in a bun or ponytail to keep out of their face. Please ask the instructor if you have further questions about proper dance wear.

Ms. Frizzles Science for readers and writers with Amanda Branum - 7 OPENINGS
Max: 12 / Min: 5  
Cost: $25  

We will explore the systems and senses in the human body, space, planets, and recycling.  

Simple Smocked Pillow with Carla Fiedler - 4 OPENINGS
Ages 8 – adult
Maximum class size: 6
$15 per student (includes the pillow kit)

Students will learn three basic English smocking stitches: cable, baby wave, trellis. The class fee includes a kit with pre-constructed pillow, pleated fabric, two embroidery needles and floss. Students should provide their own embroidery scissors and thimble.

Oral Communications with Michelle Gurnsey - 4 OPENINGS
K-3rd grades
Minimum 4, Maximum 15
Cost $25

Students will improve observational skills, listening skills, and communication skills through a variety of exercises, games, and simple class presentations. Activities will include introductions of self and others, telephone manners, show and tell, pantomimes, puppet shows and retelling of folk stories with small props. This class will include small amounts of homework/practice to prepare for class presentations. This class will also provide an audience for short presentations assigned by parents to go along with the students existing classwork.

11:30-11:55 AM

Preschool Drama with Jackie Zimmerman and Jessica Ward - 2 OPENINGS
Ages 3-5
10-15 students preferred
$25 (includes all copy work, costumes, props, etc.)

They are only preschoolers, but they are on a dangerous mission. They must find the friendly shark that holds the key to the spaceship that will save their friend Fluffy. She is nearby -- but where? In each class children may sing and dance, play games and of course get involved in lots of role-play and pretending. Every week we explore a different theme - one week we may fly to the moon, the next take our Fluffy dog to the vets and the next swim under the ocean with a friendly shark! This innovative approach to drama means that wherever possible we encourage children to take an active role within the drama we create (and, where appropriate, to lead the direction of the drama themselves, meaning that no two sessions are ever the same.)

12:00-12:25 PM

Creative Movement with Jessica Ward and Jackie Zimmerman - 5-6 OPENINGS
*1/2 hour*
10 min / 15 max

Creative movement focuses on learning to move with music, follow directions, and explore how the body moves using creativity to interpret feeling and ideas. We will be building and developing control over motor skills, with an introduction to terms & basic ballet.

For dance classes, students should wear non-restricting clothing where they can really move and stretch, as well as appropriate shoes such as ballet or jazz shoes, something that is flexible and protects the foot, but not rigid like tennis shoes. Dance wear such as leotard, tights or other "warm up" wear are ok, but optional. For girls, please have hair up in a bun or ponytail to keep out of their face. Please ask the instructor if you have further questions about proper dance wear.

11:30 AM-12:25 PM

Build it Boys (and girls) with Anita Williams - 1 OPENING
Ages: 5-7
Up to 6 students

This class will be geared towards Kindergarten aged children who are not typically interested in glitter and sequin art. No butterflies or snowflakes here! We will be making balloon rockets, paper airplanes, marbles mazes, catapults and more! 

Exploring Creation with Zoology 2:  Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day with Rhonda Hayes - 4 OPENINGS
1st grade and up
8-10 students
$30 supply fee + (opt.) $20 Note-booking Journal

Come take a trip into the depths and discover all the strange and unique creatures of the sea, lakes, and rivers. Learn about the special features of swimming creatures, different water environments they live in, what their lifestyles are like, and special circumstances they deal with.  We will discuss the information found in each module. We will create an Ocean Box that will not only display the different layers of the ocean, but will also display swimming creatures, including whales, seals, sea cows, sea turtles, sea snakes, and more. We will also conduct many different experiments.

The note-booking journal will mainly be used at home, although some activities will be taken from here and incorporated into class. It contains a suggested schedule, fascinating fact pages, review questions, assignments, activities, and projects, scripture copy-work, vocabulary crosswords, project pages, mini books to make, dive deeper suggestions, field trip sheets, and a final review.

Ms. Frizzles Science for pre-readers and beginning readers with Amanda Branum - 5 OPENINGS
Ages 4 and up  
Max: 10 / Min: 5  
Cost: $25

We will explore the systems and senses in the human body, space, planets, and recycling.  

Advanced Chess with Nathan Hayes - 4 OPENINGS
Ages 12 and up (or talk to instructor)
8-10 students
$20 (Team shirt included)

Continue to challenge yourself to become a more skilled chess player. Each student will be invited to learn and teach about a chess grandmaster for one of the classes. Together we will learn about 12 different grandmasters, how they became grandmasters, and their special moves. We will hold an official Chess tournament throughout the semester with a fun game of human chess on the last day of class! All are invited to participate in our human chess day!

American Girl – Marie Grace and Cecile with Janet Rice - 2 OPENINGS
7 years and up

We will look at geography and have a map. We will do crafts while we have a time to listen to the book. We will occasionally have food and play games. Please let me know of food allergies at registration.

Drama for readers with Julia Kercher - SEVERAL OPENINGS
Able to read scripts
Minimum 4 / Maximum 15 students                                             

This class teaches or improves upon skills of voice projection, stage presence, movement, and character development. We will primarily be utilizing pre-written monologues, duets, and skits. Students will also have the opportunity to write their own piece and to direct, if they wish. All students will perform in class and have the option to perform for a larger audience at the end of the semester.

1:00-2:55 PM

Bob Ross: Joy of Painting with Lisa Cassel - 2 OPENINGS
*2-hour class*
10 and up
Minimum 3 / Maximum 6
$135 (or $45 every 4 weeks) All supplies are included           

Learn to paint happy clouds and trees in the style of Bob Ross, the famous PBS painter. I'm excited to share what I learned this past summer when I went to Florida to become a certified Bob Ross instructor. From holding a brush and applying the colors to cleaning the brushes and preparing a canvas--we will be learning all the steps needed to paint like Bob Ross while completing several paintings over the course of the semester. Students will also be helping to set up and clean up at the beginning and end of each class. **Make up sessions will cost $10 to cover extra supplies used.

1:00-1:25 PM

Beginning Chess with Nathan Hayes - 4 OPENINGS
*1/2 hour class*
Ages 8-11 (or talk to instructor)
8-10 students
$5 supply fee

This class is geared toward those who know a little and would like to learn more. We will review pieces, moving, capturing, board set up, description of pieces, special moves, chess etiquette and winning! We will spend most of our time playing, because the more you play, the better you get!

Younger PE with Janet Rice and Kimberlee Gann - 8 OPENINGS
*1/2 hour class*
Unlimited number of students

We will work on strengthening exercises such as squats, relays, parachute games, balance beam activities, catching, and hopscotch to name a few.

1:30-1:55 PM

Kinder Chess with Nathan Hayes - 5 OPENINGS
*1/2 hour class*
Ages 3-7
6-8 students
$5 supply fee

Through activities, games, and play we will discover the history of chess, learn how to set up the board, the names of the pieces, and how they move. Moms are welcome to join class.

Middle PE with Janet Rice and Kimberlee Gann - 2 OPENINGS
*1/2 hour class*
6-10 years
Unlimited number of students

We will be doing exercises, working on endurance, running, and fun sport skills such as ball passing, soccer skills, etc.!

1:00-1:55 PM

Recycled Crochet with Kimberlee Gann - 8 OPENINGS
Ages 5 to adult
Max 10 students

We will start with a more recognized kind of fiber and then gradually crochet with some unusual kinds of mediums.  We will try crocheting with such things as t-shirt yarn, plastic bag yarn (plarn), old VCR tape film, fabric, etc. Come see what you can do to help keep our world less "trashy" AND make an interesting project!  

Preschool Community Helpers Dramatic Play with Michelle Gurnsey - 7 OPENINGS
Age 3-5
*2 year olds may attend with a parent as a class volunteer*
Minimum 4 / Maximum 12 students

This class will consist of intentional dramatic play scenarios. Props and related toys will be provided for creative dramatic play as children pretend to be Dentist, Farmer, Vet, Construction Worker, Doctor/Nurse, Postal Employee, Fire Fighter, Police Officer, and more. To continue play at home, children will occasionally be sent home with small props (fireman and construction worker hats, stethoscope, mail bag). Dramatic play helps children develop social problem-solving strategies, language skills, emerging mathematical ability, abstract thinking, creativity, mastery of early literacy concepts, self-regulation, gross motor and fine motor skills in a fun way.

Hogwart’s Academy with Rhonda Hayes and Sarah Steele - 1 OPENING
Ages 8 and up
10-12 students

Explore the world of Harry Potter as a year three Hogwart’s student. Activities and discussion based on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by JK Rowling.

Biblical Truths in Narnia with Julia Kercher - SEVERAL OPENINGS
Any student able to read the Narnia books                                            
Minimum 4 / Maximum 10 

We are reading books from the Chronicles of Narnia series and going through “A Family Guide to Narnia: Biblical Truths in C.S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia” by Christin Ditchfield. We will also use material from “Further Up and Further In: A Literature-Based Unit Study Utilizing C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia” by Diane Perdergraft. Students will keep a vocabulary notebook to learn the definitions of new words encountered in the reading.

This semester we will be reading “The Horse and His Boy”. The class will involve discussion of how to apply the lessons from the book, activities to further illustrate those lessons, and snacks related to the reading each week.

2:00-2:25 PM

Older PE with Janet Rice and Kimberlee Gann - 9 OPENINGS
*1/2 hour class*
11 years and up
Unlimited number of students

We will be doing exercises, and working on eating healthier. We will be running at the beginning of the semester and challenging ourselves to that time at the end of the semester. If interested, we might look at running in a marathon in May. The cost would be extra to sign up if interested not mandatory. We will work on ball passing and some other skills. Some activities will depend on the weather. Come and work out with us!

2:00-2:55 PM

Little Learners with Anita Williams - 2 OPENINGS
3 – 5 yrs.
8-10 students
$30 supply fee

Join us for a Pre-K class focused on the letters M-Z. Each week we will have a new theme letter that our nature stories, art, and games will be centered around. This is a great time for little ones to be introduced to new letters and basic pre-K skills.

Poetry Teatime with Julie Husser - 8 OPENINGS
Ages 8 and up
Up to 8 students

Poetry teatime is a delight-driven class. All participants are welcome to bring, share and present poems. While we share and discuss poems, we will enjoy snack and hot beverages provided. Those students, who wish to, will be encouraged to memorize and present a short poem at the showcase at semester's end.

Cups! Cups! Cups! with Nathan Hayes - 6 OPENINGS
8-10 students
$20 (Stack of cups included)

We will explore rhythm using cups, sticks, our bodies, and music. We will incorporate rhythm into the famous sport of cup stacking! Check out some of this cup stacking at

4-H STEM and Nutrition Class with Michelle Gurnsey and Kate Pulec (4-H Leader) - 8 OPENINGS
Ages 6-12    
Minimum 8, Maximum 25

4-H group meetings with a STEM and nutrition focus provided by 4-H staff. A variety of types of science and topics with hands on lessons and activities will be presented.