Thursday, November 13, 2014

Week 9

Some Announcements:

* P
lease let us know if you enjoy having a shorter co-op day or you'd like to go back to a longer one, and please get your teacher forms in to Lisa or Kimberlee or email them to by next Friday, November 21st.  

The Last Day of our Fall Semester is fast approaching! We'd like to invite any kids in our co-op to share a talent with us, if they'd like, for our Presentation/Talent Show that we will be having our last day.  Mrs. Haupt needs to know as soon as possible who will be participating, so if you have a talent you'd like to share, let us know, or tell Kim, Lisa or Lorraine on Friday.  We also need to know which classes would like to perform as soon as possible, as well.

* Also--please remember to bring toys and quiet table activities for your kids each week to use in the Mom's Room when they are not in a class.  We are not supposed to be playing with the churches toys, and it is especially important for kids not to be allowed to play on the tumbling mats. The tumbling mats are the personal property of Ms. Jen, and they cannot be played on with shoes as this is damaging to them. They are only to be used for her students in her class, so when her class is not in session, they are off limits.

* PLEASE make sure that your kids return sticks back to tree line each week, as well as the rocks in the decorative area (those really shouldn't be messed with anyway). The church really wants us to keep our outside play area neat and tidy.

* Thank you so much to all our wonderful volunteers! We really appreciate all you do to help out at our co-op. :)

* Please continue to bring your boxtops to co-op, we use the funds that we make from this to keep our building rental fee as low as possible. We are also going to start collecting Best Choice and Our Family UPCs as well.

* Please remember that we are peanut-free.

Hope you are all enjoying your school year, and your classes at Friday Classes Co-op! If you have any questions or concerns about things at our co-op, you can always talk to Lisa or Kimberlee or email us at