Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Spring Celebration Details

Hello Families!

Here’s what’s happening this week at our Spring Celebration!  We are excited to begin our Celebration at 10am in the Sanctuary!  All members, families and friends are welcome to enter through the main doors of the church.

A few quick reminders...
  • As hard as it may be, please say a quick “good-bye” to your Pokemon cards and weapons before leaving home.  Tell them “you will spend quality time with them when you return home!”  If the Pokemon cards and weapons are dying to come with you, and you just don’t have the heart to leave them home, then please leave them in your car until the activity is over.  Thank you for your attention to this!
  • Please remember that we are not allowed to have food or drink in the Sanctuary.
  • The kitchen, nursery and all classrooms will be closed.  Please plan accordingly.   
  • The festivities will end around 2:30.
  • Anyone wishing to help one more time with some vacuuming or toilet scrubbing are welcome to begin at 2:30.  We will be vacuuming the Sanctuary, entryway, hallways, and fellowship hall as well as cleaning the women’s, men’s and family bathrooms.

  1. Schedule of events
    1. Talent Show
    2. Picnic - it looks to be a perfect day, so remember your sunscreen!
      1. Because we are having a spring picnic, you are invited to bring your cold sack lunch void of peanuts, tree nuts and popcorn as if you were attending an old fashioned picnic!
      2. Bring your own lawn/camp chairs, and/or blankets to sit on.
      3. We will be holding the picnic on the grassy area on the North side of the church.
    3. Celebration activities
      1. Bounce Houses
        1. There will be 2 different bounce houses set up outside on the North side of the building.
        2. In order to jump, all participants must wear socks and sign a waiver releasing liability of injury and will be given a bracelet to wear. This will be inside before the talent show or outside before entering the bounce houses.
        3. Children 5 and under are invited to jump in the hot air balloon bounce house.
        4. All children are invited to play in the obstacle course bounce combo at parent and monitor discretion.
        5. Thank you for reminding all children that no food, gum, candy, or drinks will be allowed in either bounce house.
      2. Games
      3. There are going to be some fun lawn games provided by Jessi Walters and Julia Kercher!  Thank you ladies for your expertise and amazing games!
      4. Balloon animals
        1. We are excited to welcome Faye Eliker who will be providing fun balloon animals!
      5. Face Painting
        1. Stop by the face painting table for an array of designs provided by Susan Karre and family!
  1. Free Will Donation
    1. Oak Lake Church has opened their doors to us free of charge!  We are so blessed to have a large facility to use each week!  There will be a Free Will donation jar located by the Sanctuary doors where, if you feel led, you can show your appreciation to the church by making a donation.  
  2. Student Showcase/Slide Presentation
    1. Student Showcase will be found in the Fellowship Hall!  Tables will be labeled by class with student name tags available to place near your display.  Please arrive by 9:45 to allow for time to set up your display and meet in the Sanctuary.
    2. Classes with displays:
      1. Art Around the World (any art projects)
      2. Art with the Artists (any art projects)
      3. Aimee’s Doll Apron Smocking
      4. Simple Smocked Pillow
      5. Smocked Baby Bonnet
      6. Journey to the Top of the World (books)
      7. Wild Hands Alphabet Book (books)
      8. Crochet
      9. Nature Journaling
      10. Bob Ross Joy of Painting (any paintings)
      11. Oral Communications Part 2 (History Fair presentations)
      12. All About Me (Human bodies)
      13. Exploring Creation with Zoology 3 (dioramas and books)
      14. American Girl
    3. Slide Presentation will be part of the Student Showcase!
      1. If you would like a copy of the slide presentation, Jenni will have her computer available for downloads on our first park day, May 19th!  Remember to bring your flash drive with you!
  3. Announcements from teachers
      Beginning Ballet girls please come @ 9:30 AM dressed in their light pink leotards/skirts & pink or white tights, & Creative Movement kids please come by 9:45 AM dressed as you normally would for that class, to practice before hand.  All students need to either wear socks or dance shoes.  If you have any questions, please contact Jessica.
Miss Jackie sent you all an email!

We are looking forward to a very fun 10 year celebration of Lincoln Friday Classes!  See you Friday!

Rhonda, Jenni, Meagan, Lorraine

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Park Play Dates Summer 2017

Park Play Dates Summer 2017

Grab your sunblock, snacks, and water bottles and meet at these parks EVERY Friday morning (9-11am) this summer! 

Stick around for a picnic under a shaded table!


May 19                   Antelope Park                  27th & Capitol Pkwy - A Street
May 26                  Bethany Park                   N. 65th & Vine Streets
June 2                   Cooper Park                     S. 6th & D Streets
June 9                   Densmore Park                6701 S. 14th Street
June 16                  Havelock Park                  N. 64th Street & Ballard Ave
June 23                 Henry Park                      S. 44th Street & Prescott Ave.
June 30                 Antelope Park                  27th & Capitol Pkwy - A Street
July 7                    Holmes Park                    S. 70th Street & Normal Blvd
July 14                  Mahoney Park                  N. 70th Street & Fremont Ave.
July 21                  Oak Lake Park                 Sun Valley Blvd. & Charleston Street
July 28                  Peter Pan Park                 N. 32nd & W Streets
August 4                Roberts Park                   S. 56th & Sumner Streets
August 11               Roper (Max E.) Park         N. 10th St. & Belmont - N. 3rd St. & Superior
August 18         FALL REGISTRATION  OAK LAKE CHURCH 3300 N. 1st Street
August 25              Tierra Park                     S. 27th & Tierra - S. 37th & Carnelian
September 1           LABOR DAY                    ENJOY THE DAY WITH YOUR FAMILY!

September 8         1st day of CLASSES         OAK LAKE CHURCH 3300 N. 1st Street

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!


We have chosen to be proactive and cancel Friday Classes tomorrow. The roads are currently slick, it is snowing, temps will be dropping, and we have families driving long distances to get to Lincoln. Hopefully this will be a blessing to everyone. We want everyone to be safe! Plus, with all the illnesses going around this will give everyone a chance to get healthy and not miss out.

Please help us get the word out and pass this on to other members so we can be sure to let everyone know.  Thank you!

We hope everyone will be notified, and will have a safe, and wonderful week!  We will see everyone on March 3rd!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Spring Semester 2017 Begins Tomorrow!

Good Morning Fabulous Families!
Hip, Hip, Hooray! Tomorrow is the big day!

Included you will find
information concerning:  
theme day, 
lunch time, 
Valentines Day, 
class cancellation,
and where to enter the church.

Them Day: Our theme day this week is "Happy New Year!
Come dressed as Father time
or wear your favorite New Year's shirt, hat, or other accessories
 as we start the new semester looking forward to a new year!"

Lunch Time Games: January and February
are Board/Strategy and Hand/Movement games.
Do you have a fun game your family loves?
Are you a master at Qwirkle, Battleship, Checkers,
or another game?  Bring it along and teach others
to play when you finish eating lunch!  Are you a
wiz at Cat's Cradle or great at creating
secret handshakes?  Bring some string, have fun
and share your knowledge!

Please remember to wash your hands
again after you eat to avoid
spreading germs as we play games.

Volunteers...PICK ME!
We need volunteers for the following spots:
11:15-12:10 Outdoor Monitor
3:00-3:20 Fellowship Hall Vacuuming (2 people)

~If you are able to help in either spot,
please let Meagan know!~

Valentine's Day is coming up and we want to celebrate
with you at Friday Classes!
kids are invited to decorate a box at home and bring
it to classes February 10.  Students have been
divided into groups of 20-25 (lists will be given soon)
to keep it manageable.  If someone you wish to give a
Valentine to is not on your list, please bring it
anyway!  We are requesting NO FOOD/CANDY items
to be given due to multiple allergies.  If you choose
not to participate in the giving that's fine, too!
Any questions?  Jenni's your gal!

Please remember to enter the church
through the north-east door where
you will be warmly welcomed!

Message from Jackie (Our fabulous Drama teacher)

OK, I will be in touch with ALL of my known student families.  I DO NOT have a substitute for the opening day this Friday, Jan. 277th.  I am sorry, however, when you exhaust your resources, you simply do.  Now, if by chance there is someone from our Co-op that would be able and willing, I will be delighted to supply and compensate.  If not, then as I stated, I will be in touch with the families and provide alternative activity for them to do either while at co-op on Friday or at home.  Please email or message me if you have any questions.  Otherwise I will be in touch tomorrow via email!!

We are so excited to see you all tomorrow!