Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Presentation Day, Potluck and Fun!!

We made it to the end of our semester!! :) And now we can relax and enjoy one last week of fun together. Some of our students and classes will be sharing some of what they learned in their classes, and all of you are invited to join us for a potluck lunch.

We will be starting at 10:30 am with the presentation and then we will eat lunch directly after that, clean up and then we're done.

Here is a list of what some of us are bringing--please bring something if you plan on staying for lunch. Also please remember that we cannot have PEANUTS in anything at our co-op.

Main Dishes:
Pigs in a blanket - Lisa
Meat balls - Sarah
Mac and Cheese  - Jen
Sandwiches - Kim
Sloppy Joes - Janet
Cheesy Rice - Celeste

Cinnamon Rolls - Lisa
Cookies - Kim
Cupcakes - Julie
Dessert - Janet

Extra sides:
Salad - Marti
Veggies and Ranch - Lisa
Cheese and Crackers - Sarah
Fruit - Kim
Erin and Julie will bring another side, too.

Kim is bringing plates, cups and silverware, also drinks.  And there will be coffee, courtesy of Jen.
We still need someone to bring napkins, please. :)

Hope you can come and join in the fun!!!!