Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Park Day & Teacher Sign Up's Due Tomorrow!

Park Day

It's going to be a hot day tomorrow, wanna come have fun in the water? Our co-op is meeting at the splash pad at Trago park in Lincoln. Remember to bring a chair, as it might be a popular destination!  

And don't forget:
TEACHER SIGN-UPS are DUE July 23, 2014

Are you interested in teaching at our co-op in the fall? We are in need of more teachers to keep our co-op going! 

*  Do you have an area you feel especially gifted in and want to share it with our kids?  Is there a subject you've wanted to study with your kids but found it would be better suited for a larger group setting?  If you've participated in our co-op for at least one semester, please fill out THIS FORM and return it to Lisa or Kimberlee by July 23, 2014 (we'll be at the park day that day), or just email us the information from the form at lincolnfridayclassesne@gmail.com.  There are openings for art teachers, foreign language teachers, dance, and more--if you're unsure about a class idea, feel free to email us at lincolnfridayclassesne@gmail.com with any questions.

The last day of co-op during our spring semester we'd made a list of classes we'd like to see and classes we were planning on teaching.  If you'd like to add to our lists (either with classes you'd like to see at our co-op, or ones that you'd like to teach) send us an email and we'll add it here.  Look and see if there's a class that you'd like to teach.

*Construction Chaos
* History of the World 

* Sewing (Lisa)
* Science w/experiments (Lisa & Kimberlee)
* Crochet (Kimberlee)
* Warriors (Mindy)
* Lego Club (Mindy)
* US Military History (Mindy & Jeriann)
* Breakfast & News (Co-teacher needed)
* Court is in Session (Cassandra)
* Artist Study (Sarah)
* Hogwarts Academy (Sarah)
* Writing (Mary)

The class schedule will be on up on the blog around the first week of August.  We're excited!!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

New Sports Club Info & Park Day Fun

Please join us for fun at the park this summer.  You don't have to have been a part of our co-op, if you're new or just want to hang out with some new friends, please come join us!  This summer we'd like to have some combined Park Days with our sister co-op, CLASS Co-op.  Here is the list of our Park Days as well as CLASS Co-op's Park Days:

Here is the schedule for Friday Classes Co-op...
We will meet at 10:00...

June 3 - Mahoney Park 
June 18 - Antelope Park (Bring your own sword day)
July 8 - (Combined with Tuesday CLASS co-op) Pioneers Park
July 23 - Trago (Water Park)
August 5 - Mahoney Park (Bring your own water gun/water games day)
August 12 - (Combined with Tuesday CLASS co-op)  Holmes Lake Park

Here is the schedule for Tuesday CLASS Co-op...
We will meet at 10:00...

June 10 - Bennett Park
June 24 - Hickman Park
July 8 - (Combined with Friday Classes co-op) Pioneers Park
July 29 - Bennett Park
August 12 (Combined with Friday Classes co-op)  Holmes Lake Park
August 26 - Hickman Park

Summer Sports Club Dates:

For the last couple summers we have had a ball club going with our Friday Classes' friends and it has been a lot of fun--this summer we wanted to mix things up a bit and add some other sports into the mix. Our games are pretty laid back and all abilities and ages (young and OLD--parents, that means YOU!) are welcome.  It's just about having fun around here! Please feel free to bring a picnic lunch and to play as long you want.  You can come to as many or few activities as you want, there's no sign up, and you don't have to have attended our co-op to come and play--we like newbies and making new friends! **Lastly--please email us (at lincolnfridayclassesne@gmail.com), or give Kimberlee or Lisa a call, for more info on the events at Jean's and Kimberlee's houses and we'll give you the details!**

Here are the dates and sports we have available:

June 13th -- Tennis at the Park behind Cooper YMCA at 10:00 am
June 27th -- Sand Volleyball & Swimming at the Nabity's** at 7:00 pm -- kids need lifejackets!
June 30th -- Soccer at the Gann's** at 10:00 am 
July 18th -- Softball & Kickball at Roper Park 10 am
July 25th -- Soccer at the Gann's** at 10:00 am
August 8th -- Yard games at the Gann's** 10:00 am -- feel free to bring your own yard games, too!