Thursday, May 28, 2015

Park Days

Summer Park Play Schedule

Open to all homeschoolers in the area, whether past, present, or future members of our local co-ops or just wanting to get to know other homeschool families in the area. Come join us!

All times are 10:30 till Noon. Feel free to bring lunch and stay to eat it. Don’t feel like you need to be prompt, just come and go when you can.

Tuesday, May 19th
Antelope Park (near 33rd and Washington, Lincoln, NE)

Friday, June 5th
Holmes Lake (near 70th and Normal, Lincoln, NE)

Tuesday, June 23rd
Hickman City Park (Hickman, NE)

Wednesday, June 24th 12 noon until ? Park Play Day and Used Curriculum and Books Sell/Swap. This will give an opportunity for families to pack a picnic lunch as well as to stay and play into the afternoon. At Antelope Park - parents feel free to sell/swap out of the trunk of your car or van while the kids play on the playground. Also, feel free to advertise to other homeschoolers not already a part of Friday Classes. The more who participate, the better selection and deals.

Friday, July 10th
Bethany Park ( near 65th and Vine, Lincoln, NE)

Tuesday, July 28th
Trago Spraygrounds (near 22nd and T, Lincoln, NE)

Friday, August 14th
Pioneers Park playgrounds ( near SW27th and Van Dorn, Lincoln, NE )

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Spanish Class

Spanish Class is going to be a little different tomorrow, and likely the rest of the semeser. The students will meet in the tumbling room for the first 20-30 minutes or so of class, and will then head outside for a bit before returning to the "spanish" classroom for the last few minutes of class. Rebekah would appreciate it if the parents of spanish students would come and help them get bundled up before the class treks outside, around 9:20. Also, please be sure to bring clothing that will be appropriate for the kiddos to venture outside with.